✨�� Citypop Classics- Hideki Saijo抱きしめてジルバ‬1984年 - H̲i̲d̲e̲k̲i̲ ̲S̲a̲i̲j̲o̲ 【西城秀樹】��✨

抱きしめてジルバ‬1984年 image
image Careless Whisper image
Artist:Hideki Saijo
Song:Dakishimete Jitterbug

This is one of my favorite songs take a listen and dance away to the melody.🎶image

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💧 Song Joong Ki announces he has filed for divorce from Song Hye Gyo 💧

On June 27, actor Song Joong Ki's legal representative revealed in an official statement to the press, "On June 26, we filed a request for divorce on behalf of Song Joong Ki with Seoul's family court."

In addition, Song Joong Ki relayed through his legal rep, "First, I want to deliver my apologies to many of you who love and cherish me, for such unfortunate news. I have decided to move forward in a divorce with Song Hye Kyo. Rather than lengthening the process by considering each other's faults and deriding each other, I hope to complete the divorce amicably. I ask for your understanding in the fact that it is difficult to reveal the specific details of our personal lives, and I promise to overcome these damages and do my best as an actor in my production roles from now on." 

Meanwhile, the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo couple married back on October 31, 2017.

1. [+762, -17] After all that fuss over whether they were wearing their rings or not and it really happened... this is shocking

2. [+755, -16] Super shocking.......

3. [+752, -15] What is this, what a way to start the morning with a shock.....

4. [+237, -9] Song Joong Ki seems smart to end things after he's realizing that he needs to

5. [+234, -10] Everyone knows Song Joong Ki has liked her for a long time so for him to be the one to file for divorce makes me wonder about Song Hye Gyo's image...???

6. [+196, -6] I did think they rushed their wedding with how head over heels Song Joong Ki was in love with her ㅜㅜ

7. [+188, -16] The fact that he filed for divorce first and that he mentioned "and escaping from the current pain" makes me wonder... Everyone knows he was a fan of hers since before their marriage and it makes me think Song Hye Gyo did something wrong... how upsetting as a fan of both~

8. [+158, -21] Why do people find this shocking? I always thought Song Joong Ki was making a poor decision when I heard news of his marriage to Song Hye Gyo. She's had so many scandals with other men and that tax evasion scandal too, tsk.

9. [+154, -2] More shocking than when they announced their marriage...

10. [+144, -10] Feels like Song Hye Gyo did something gravely wrong

11. [+133, -10] The fact that he filed for divorce first ㅋㅋ I always knew he rushed into things with a scandalous woman.. should've been more careful

12. [+133, -12] So shocking.. they were the couple of the century so for him to file for divorce... what did Song Hye Gyo do, really...



1. [+811, -135] There must've been a reason Song Hye Gyo was always dating a new man with every drama..

2. [+801, -17] Hul??? It hasn't even been that long since they got married... this is daebak if it's true

3. [+531, -50] It sounds like Song Joong Ki tried his best to hold it in and couldn't anymore...

4. [+151, -2] The Regret of the Sun

5. [+140, -1] Remember when the media was making a fuss about their wedding rings? Maybe they already knew and were just eyeing for the timing...

6. [+125, -1] Probably best to divorce now before there are kids involved

7. [+121, -1] Probably the more shocking piece of news as of recently

8. [+89, -2] So the Chinese media had already caught on ㅋㅋ

9. [+88, -5] It just feels like it's not Song Joong Ki's fault

10. [+73, -5] Song Joong Ki seems too naive ㅜ


🌐🐬POPTEEN 7月號/2019 Magazine Scans 🌐🐬

👮 Taguchi Junnosuke and Komine Rena arrested on possession of marijuana 👮

On May 22 at 1:47 pm, Taguchi Junnosuke (ex. KAT-TUN) and actress Komine Rena were arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

The Kanto Narcotics Control Department has stated that both former KAT-TUN member Junnosuke Taguchi and actress Rena Komine have admitted that they possessed marijuana in violation of the Cannabis Control Act.
Taguchi and Komine's Tokyo home was searched on May 22 after the Kanto Narcotics Control Department received a tip about the use of marijuana. They were arrested on the spot after the discovery of marijuana.
Officials found several grams of marijuana in clear plastic bags that were not hidden. A grinder, a device used to break up cannabis to make it evenly flammable, as well as paper rolls used to create joints were also present.
The findings at their home suggest that the two smoked marijuana regularly but were not involved in its distribution. Officials are working to find out how they obtained the marijuana.
Taguchi and Komine are said to be cooperating with investigators since their arrest. The two have taken urine test for marijuana which will be sent out to a lab for testing on May 24.
Marijuana is illegal in Japan. Possession of marijuana is a punishable by up to 5 years in prison.
Reportedly, the two had kept a few grams of marijuana and rolls of paper at their apartment/office in Setagaya Ward. The office belongs to Immortal which is run by Taguchi, and Komine is apparently a worker there.

The two will be transferred to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on May 24.

🌞 Juri Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 and debut in South Korea 🌞

A shocking (to some) announcement was made by soon-to-be former AKB48 member Juri Takahashi. She has decided to graduate from the group, and will debut in South Korea.
Juri recently participated in the m-net reality show “Produce 48”, winners of the show went on to form the group IZ*ONE. She really wanted to debut in Korea and managed to make the top 20, but unfortunately for her she didn’t make the final cut.
In a statement Juri revealed that after not making the IZ*ONE lineup, she began talks with a Korean agency and made this decision on her own. Juri will be a member of an upcoming girl group under Woollim Entertainment, home to the boy group INFINITE and girl group Lovelyz.
Juri made the surprise announcement at her birthday festival concert, which was originally planned for February 6th but was delayed due to injuries from a car accident. Juri stated that she still loves AKB48, but wants the challenge of being in a new environment.
Juri was a member of Team B, joining the group in 2012. Over the years she steadily gained popularity, finally making it to Senbatsu (#15) during the 8th general election in 2016. In the most recent election she made Senbatsu again, coming in at an impressive #12 with over 48k votes.
With IZ*ONE and now this upcoming Woollim Entertainment girl group, how do you feel with more J-pop and K-pop idols colliding?

💜💗POPTEEN 6月號/2019 Magazine Scans 💜💗

�� Y2K շօօօ'�� I���������������� A�������������� Y���� ������������ ���� ������������������!! ��

�� ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ᴀᴅᴅ ᴀ ᴊᴀᴘᴀɴᴇsᴇ 日本語 ᴋᴇʏʙᴏᴀʀᴅ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘʜᴏɴᴇ!! ��

🌴🏄 Egg (エッグ) 令和 Power Mook June 2019 🏄🌴

Hi guys, recently Neweggg came out with a hard copy magazine and it's freaking love!!image You guys remember egg right?...Well, this is the modern, revive magazine of the old  magazine Egg. Don't forget to support the magazine!imageCredit to thenameilove for the magazine scans. Check out more scans below on the link.

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