🍂 ☕ My Fall Playlist 2018 Video 🍂 ☕

そ~ず お願い
Hi guys I know it's not Fall anymore or is it?.. キラキラ I think it's still fall where I live but where I live the weather is bipolar sOoO...がびょーん
Anyways, I *did* a thing and you guess it I made a fall playlist.💃ラブラブ What better way to get rid of the cold, then a playlist to have you jamming to, to increase body heat. は? I provided a link below of my playlist tell me what you think. 音譜 ありがとう。ラブラブ 

Check out my playlist here⏬ https://youtu.be/Igxq4G4tWRQ

☆ 🎄 Ageha Winter Looks Old School Magazine Scans 🎄 ☆

11 16
Hey guys✌..
Winter is already around the corner, so here's a little inspo.

🎄 🎁POPTEEN 12/2018 Magazine Scans 🎁🎄

Here's a early 
  christmas present. 🎁 🎅 🎄



✨💳 What's In My EXTRA AF Bag? 💳✨Youtube Video 📹

Hi Guys, 👋I'm back with another video and surprisingly, I've been uploading back to back. I was also sick 2 days ago, probably.... because I ate too much candy. Anyway, I still managed to upload a new video, even though it's late.😵

          ✨💳 Preview Below 💳✨

 ⏬Link To Video Below ⏬📹