♡ December Girly Hair Accessories Finds 2016 ♡

Hi guys so since its a new year I decided to do my blog different. The items I will be showing today is a floral bow and a bunny headband. I hardly wear the bow though because it seems weird to be wearing that when you're older to me. The other item i wear all the time the bunny headband. I literally have a huge haul of bunny headbands that's how you can tell how deep my inflation with bunnies are lol.  Every two weeks I will post a girly finds post. Its basically a post of things I find online I have and showing you where to get it. I've listed where  you can find them and if all else fails and its sold out you can search on eBay. Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any questions I always try my best to answer.
                                                                                 ♡  Xoxo Lily ♡

(L) Bow-HERE
(R) Flower crown - HERE

(L) (R) Rabbit Headband-HERE

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