♡ Some Girly Online Shops ♡

Hi guys so today I will be mentioning some girly chic finds I happen to stumbled upon. I managed to find four shops that embodied vintage, cute ,chic, and girly. Okay so lets begin!

The first shop on my list is APRILDELOUVRE
This shop sells gorgeous bedazzle ear muffs just in time for winter!
She also does custom designs if you want a piece that is custom to you.

The designs are so chic,totally loving the top left picture.

Her shop sells mainly burlesque and 40s flapper inspired items.
There are also some gems sometimes if you lucky.

Love the turban hat really cute.

My next shop is BONJOURLILY
Her shop sells unique flowercrowns you can't find nowhere else.
She also had ariana grande as a customer buy her flower crowns.
At the moment she is on vacation.

Some of the flower crowns I liked totes mickey mouse and bunny ears.

The last shop is Bonnechance 
I recently ordered from them 2 years ago.
I'd purchased a striped pink sweetheart dress I attached a picture below.
The quality of the dresses are really good.
Many lolitas and rockability girls are seen sporting this brand.

Some of my favorites!!

♡ Fashion designers Inspo ♡

Hi guys todays post is not really a post but a slideshow.😏 I gathered pictures from fashion shows from my vogue book that pulled on my heartstrings!😍 Most of these pictures are from Chanel, Dior, and Elie saab my favorites.😻 Enjoy the slideshow!!🙌


♡ Cherry Blossom Hairstyle ♡

Hi guys I have another hairstyle tutorial for you and this time it looks as if you are wearing a flower crown. The hairstyle is inspired by cherry blossoms. So let's start shall' we?

1. Comb and brush your hair throughly and make sure their are no knots.

2. Grab a piece of your hair on the left side of your hair hold it and then grab a piece of your hair on the right side and hold it.

3. Bring both pieces of hair to the back of your hair and tie with a elastic.

4. You can add decorations if you like I added flowers(Optional). Here are the flowers I used if your interested link HERE 

5. Now your finished!

♡ Popteen December 2016 Scans ♡