I have a Polyvore guys!!

Hi guys I have a polyvore well i've been had a polyvore but now just using it.👋 So below are creations I created on my polyvore for winter outfits.💃 All outfit pieces can be found on my polyore link below.👇😵

Exciting Things Are Coming!! ❤️️

Hi guys so as you know this year is almost coming to a end. Well to end this year with a bang i'm switching it up one of them being my youtube. My youtube was focusing on beauty but it came off awful because im a tomboy not a girly girl. Tomboy and girly stuff don't mix I rather wear sweats, beanie, and my puma sliders instead of dressing up. Well I decided to focus on food, funny skits and outrageous things human nature does. Okay on to the next exciting thing lol. I have been sponsored flash tats so expect to see alot of flash tats soon! I will also be appearing in a pinup magazine its like a rockability ,retro ,vintage , 50s magazine. I will appear in it sometime next year don't want to spoil the surprise.

♡ Winter Tag 2016 ♡

Hi guys so I decided to do the winter tag because winter is right around the corner or is it?💖

1) Favourite winter nail polish? My favorite nail polish is called CQ2. The color is a brown goldish color.💅

2) Favourite winter lip product? Well basically any lip product lol I love the cartoon lip gloss from Forever21.💟

3) Most worn winter clothing piece? Beanie 🙋

4) Most worn winter accessory?  Sunglasses🙌

5) Favourite winter scent/candle? EVERGREEN😉

6) Favourite winter beverage? 2%😋

7) All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie? home alone😍

8) Favourite Christmas/holiday song? Santa Claus is coming to town🙀

♡ GREEN HAIR OH MY !! Late post I was nurse joy for halloween ♡

Hi guys i know this post is late but for halloween I was Nurse Joy. Excuse the green wig lol I received the wrong color I ordered red but they sent green by accident sadly. It was the middle of october so I just decided to keep it. I also did a video on how to do this hairstyle it should be up sometime soon. Also I uploaded a new video yesterday a asian supermarket vlog if you liked the video don't forget to share and comment what store you want me to go to next. I really hope i can make it to 10,000  subs before this year ends thank you. Thank you for everyone that have watch so far. 

Screenshot from the video

New video

♡ Asian Grocery Store Vlog/ Viva la lily Vlogs ♡

♡ Popteen November 2016 Scans ♡