Your Questions ♡ My Answers(#Asklily) 9/6/2016

1. What happen to your youtube videos? Well basically college semester started again and I ran out of video ideas.
I'm starting to make a detailed schedule of what videos I want to do. I've recently have been recording videos behind the scenes and been editing 2 weeks of videos. I've also brought a new camera to record my videos to improve the quality. So I will start uploading some time in September sorry for the abandonment.

2. Where do you see yourself in 4 yrs?
Hmm maybe already reaching my goal I wanted to achieve and graduating!

3. Are you a wanderlust? You seem to travel alot? How do you save up? Yeah I LOVE to travel. I travel sometimes but not a lot only on the days i'm out of semester. I usually don't buy but one thing a month that I need so I want waste on useless things.

4. Are you a mcfrappe or starbucks girl? Both recently I started to like mcfrappe I usually like Starbucks. My Starbucks I ordered from here didnt look like the picture lol. My mcfrappe looked exactly like the picture so I was like yeah mcfrappe.

5. Are you going to upload the new popteen magazine scans? Yea you know how I do jk. Popteen scans come out on the site I download from around the first or second week of the month. I'm just waiting for the site to upload the scans.

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