♡ 3 Instagram Shops You Should Be Following! ♡

Hi guys so these are some sites that sells really good clothing. These sites aren't Asian sites if your are wondering from a previous post, I made about leaving Asian fashion. I still like Asian fashion but I've outgrew it looks weird dressing cute when you like a "adult". I will still try to incorporate some Asian accessories into my outfits but its going to be a mixture of cute and mature. Also recently I have been updating my sites to look more professional " yeah". I have also been editing videos day and night because I'm still debating if I should upload videos everyday. In the meantime I will be editing  so I can have a stock of videos ready. Okay enough of the blabbering lets begin.


Shukunewyork clothes are my absolute favorite its a little bit on the pricey side. Their style is a mixture of classy, elegant and sexy.  Their insta is a fave holy grail of mines.


Ohpolly is my next fave store their clothes range from mauve, plums and more. Their fashion sense really is pretty too me  something about how they coordinate it so well intrigue me.


Lemon lunar I like how their insta is simple and their cut borders. Their site is from uk I think but sometimes their are sales so shipping won't be high. 

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