Your Questions ♡ My Answers(#Asklily)

Hi guys so I decided to answer questions you have ask me. Also thank you for your questions. 

1. What do you edit your youtube videos with? I used to use wondershare filmora but switch back and in forth with Sony Vegas pro.

2. Did you ever had braces? No 

3. What are your absolute makeup must haves? Chapstick, eyelashes glue, and makeup remover for when your lipstick wear out and have to reapply it.

4. What is your real hair color? My real hair color is dark brown with a reddish tint.

5.Have you tried the kylie lip kit? Yes I watch the kardashians ever since middle school lol. Her matte lip colors can fit minorities really good. I have dolce k, true brown k, Mary jo k, poise k, koko k, and just brought exposed waiting for it to come soon. Either way I have tried them didn't want to post pictures hate people who brag. My favorite to use is poise k and dolce k.

6. What are you majoring in college?  I don't give out personal info but its what the majority of people pick to major in. Can you guess?

7.What was your worst grade in school? Hmm I liked all my grades just hated going to school and getting up early I'm a night owl.

8. How many times do you change your hair color? Well *cough* lets see 12 times this year plan on changing it again lol Rip hair. I usually change it flattering colors for my skin tone my favorite color to change it to would have to be light brown. Im leaning on changing it to a dark green or lilac color for fall still guessing.

Also thanks for all the people who sent questions if you have any questions to ask me. I would gladly answer them.

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