💜 Update 8/13/2016 💜

Hi guys sorry for a week of no posting I felt like I should address it. As you know summer is over for me so I have to get back to college. So I have been packing and buying my books for school. I also noticed zashimi have updated the new popteen magazine scans for September so I will try to download and post them for you guys. Oh and zashimi i noticed is not in english letters on apple apps its in chinese letters.I will try to screenshot the app page so if you can understand chinese you can translate it or find it. I will try to upload june and september popteen scans in these upcoming weeks. I will try to fix the quality i might have to send it to my email and reupload it online. I finished my asian store vlog and managed to get some good footage and also some good food. Also i noticed my youtube hasn't been uploaded in 2 months!? I plan on posting on it soon still deciding what my channel main focus is on sadly. I don't want to branch out too much i might post on food and how to do popteen hairstyles but oh well.

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