💜 Popteen 8/2016 magazine scans 💙

I know quality is bad because i download the scans from my ipod theirs nothing i can do to fix it since you can only download on the app.💜 so yeah if you can then do it thank you. Hope you enjoy I think i'm the only one who upload these scans almost month to month.💚 Is gyaru still alive in the western community ssems dead? Either way I will try to upload more I will upload 7/2016 scans sometime next week🎆

✏ Seifuku/Schoolgirl Outfit Post (picture heavy) ✏

Hi guys this is a post of seifuku outfits that I have well not really a post but I only have 2. I only wear them to cons and that's all. I do not wear them as casual because that is weird and weeabooish to me.So lets get to the point. The green seifuku I couldn't find anything in my closet to match it with lol so I think I might sell both idk? 

👽How to take care of greyish silver white hair👽

The Silver and Grey hair trend has been breaking the internet for a while now. Literally everywhere I turn, I am bombarded with tons of silver/grey hair inspiration images- very futuristic! I love how people have become extremely experimental with their hair it reminds me of the 90’s all over again.Silver/Grey Hair is an extremely beautiful colour. On the colour chart it is a metallic tone that cannot remain permanent. So I would say if you want to remain silver permanently it would require a lot of effort. Although, white is easily achievable which is good as this would make your silver appear durable. Ok, enough of the blab lol. Here is how you get it.

Step 1 Ensure your hair is the lightest bleach blonde colour or if you are getting hair extensions get them in the lightest blonde colour that is a 613/60 I added extensions with my real hair which i brought from bellami hair.. To get a bleach blonde colour you will have to bleach your hair  i bleach my hair gradually between a 6 month period not all at once you can damage your hair. 

Step 2 Get a really good quality silver shampoo and conditioner. There a lot of brands on the high street. I love bleach London,Touch of Silver and John Frieda tone corrector is good too (all of these can be purchased in the links by clicking on the link). Apply some of the Silver onto your bleach blonde hair and leave it for at least 30 minutes sometimes I leave mine longer till it meets your desired colour. I then apply the purple conditioner and mask to nourish the hair and leave it to air dry. I also use Argan oil in the conditioner  to keep my hair moisturized, bleaching can be drying. Voila! you’ve achieve your beautiful silver. if you want your roots dark brown or black then colour that first before applying the silver shampoo and conditioner. Trust it is a lot easier this way.

After Care routine
As this is not a permanent colour, it will fade overtime especially when heat is applied so used your heating tools at a low temperature that is less than 200c or 392f will do. Make sure to always keep your hair moisturized. Some good hair moisturizers i like to use are natural products like coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and dabur vatika (india hair oil).When washing, reapply the silver shampoo again to maintain the colour. 
Happy silver whitish grey hair caring 😊