🌸 Whats in my purse? 🌸

Hi guys this is a whats in my bag winter edition i know i know its long overdo lol. This is what I kept in my bag in the winter now I might have change some things around.Haha the black pepper is something I usually carry around for bland food and sometimes i use cayenne pepper.

1. Envelope  purse
2. Japanese strawberry Milk candy
3.Calpico strawberry
4 Glitters for dinner Meow cheer top
5. Pastel lilac scrunchie
6.macaron lip gloss
7.teddy bear lip gloss
8.black pepper I use any brand as long as its black pepper got this one because my fave was soldout lol
9. Japanese bubblegum forgot name start with a M?
10.La glazed bombshell lip gloss

🌸 1. monedero del sobre

🌸2. japonés dulces de leche de la fresa

🌸3.Calpico fresa

🌸4 Glitters para la parte superior de la cena del maullido alegría

🌸5. banda para el cabello lila en colores pastel

6🌸.macaron brillo de labios oso  

7🌸.teddy brillo de labios pimienta 

 🌸8.black Puedo usar cualquier marca, siempre y cuando su pimienta negro consiguió este porque mi favorito era soldout lol

🌸9. chicle japonesa olvidó el nombre de inicio con un M?

🌸10.La bomba acristalada brillo de labios

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