💚 Update 6/10/2016 💚

Hi guys so MIA lately because i finally received my circle lenses that were lost. I had to call them and update them with info for my package the past week. Now that I received them i'm getting back on schedule and will be recording some new videos it might take a week but until then I will
keep you updated with new pictures. The food picture went to a hipster vibe restaurant place and ate steak. The bottom picture brought a seifuku top inspired off a anime. I'm not real keen on my anime because I hardly watch it if its a horror and gore anime I am in. I basically watch k dramas I did watch some anime name tokyo ghouls and something name mirai nikki kind of liked it. I'm usually a tomboy  black wearing clad girl but I decided to try more GIRLY clothes. I brought some other stuff but I decided to keep it a secret and show you guys later. Oh I finally brought something from creepyyeha 
her store is always sold out so I had to message her for a custom order kudos to me.

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