👹 Late night watching🔪

Hi guys so basically I have been watching  this k drama called aichara village.image It's a creepy k drama that surrounds around who murdered a girls sister in the village.image Well not going to give out many more spoilers but its very interesting and makes your hair crawl on your skin.image P.s watch it at nighttime for a more scarier feel.imageimage

👛 06/24/2016 👗

Hi guys as said I have been recording new videos just editing them finish editing 4, 10 more to edit. I received a mystery package from a brand and can't wait to review it for you guys. I am also deciding if I should do a summer clean out sale I always do one every season and donate my stuff to the homeless. So yeah basically cleaning my closet right now. The top picture i went to the mall went to pick up some Yankee candles burn so much didnt notice I ran out lol. I had my friend  take this picture he's a better photographer than me lol.

🍵 6/20/2016 💐

Hi guys so today was a very cool summer day perfect weather to go outside to get tea. Usually it's scorching hot and then bam it rain out of nowhere. These pink flowers are always growing on our yard idk what the name is? For some reason I like taking pictures with them lol (top pic). I usually like drinking korean version of green tea instead of America idk? My favorite kind is usually the orange kind in the picture below.

Hola chicos por lo que hoy fue un clima perfecto día de verano muy fresco que ir fuera para conseguir té.
Por lo general es muy malo verano y luego bam que la lluvia de la nada. Estas flores de color rosa siempre están creciendo en nuestro patio idk cuál es el nombre? Por alguna razón me gusta tomar fotos con ellos lol (arriba pic) .I generalmente como beber versión coreana de té verde en lugar de América idk? Mi tea favorita es por lo general el tipo de color naranja en la imagen below.

🐶 Store dog dog Haul 🐶

Hi guys so recently I brought from storedogdog🐶 love their stuff. I end up picking up 5-6 stuff from their site .
I brought a daisy choker
Tennis skirt
Strawberry socks
Love top
Heart skirt
I really wanted the text socks but I get it next time. My order came really fast like in a week to 2 weeks fast usually china packages take 3 weeks here! The service was A1 they respond really quick but they have only a limited English so they can understand some English but some they can't.

 Check out their store here if interested 🐶storedogdog🐶 Use can use the the code alienbby for a 10% discount on your orders!

🏫 6/14/2016 🌇

Hi guys so I brought more items as usual and did a photoshoot in them.image I brought the clothes from the cute store storedogdog image I will be posting them sometime this week or maybe next week idk?image I'm also editing a new video I recorded.image I'm also taking new pictures I haven't taken a picture in ages but I did in January.image It feels like I've been on a long hiatus or vacation. image

💚 Update 6/10/2016 💚

Hi guys so MIA lately because i finally received my circle lenses that were lost. I had to call them and update them with info for my package the past week. Now that I received them i'm getting back on schedule and will be recording some new videos it might take a week but until then I will
keep you updated with new pictures. The food picture went to a hipster vibe restaurant place and ate steak. The bottom picture brought a seifuku top inspired off a anime. I'm not real keen on my anime because I hardly watch it if its a horror and gore anime I am in. I basically watch k dramas I did watch some anime name tokyo ghouls and something name mirai nikki kind of liked it. I'm usually a tomboy  black wearing clad girl but I decided to try more GIRLY clothes. I brought some other stuff but I decided to keep it a secret and show you guys later. Oh I finally brought something from creepyyeha 
her store is always sold out so I had to message her for a custom order kudos to me.