♡ Secret Magic Double eyelid Tape ♡

Hi guys recently I brought some double eyelid tape because my eyes are almond with a hint of closed lol. I wanted to get big eyes with this because I hate my small eyes. I found a item called secret magic the packaging is cute and its double sided with tape. It comes in 3 sizes standard, small, and large. Each pack comes in a variety of numbers from 21 to 22 in a pack. I brought the orange packet standard.

Here is how the tape look like out of the package. You just pour the white strips and apply to clean ,dry eyelid. In the package it also comes with a eye fork to help you stick your eyelid in.

This item gets a 4 out of 5. The tape stays on your eyelid for a long time but it only last a day. Also if water hit your eyelid it last only for a hour. Its also hard to get your eyelid on the tape you have to keep opening and closing your eye to get it to stick. In the end I got it to work but the only noticeable difference I saw was my eyelid grew a inch bigger lol.

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