🌟 Easy Diy Aesthetic Bedazzle Rhinestone Shirt 🌟

Hi guys so today is friday a new video day. Today I will be showing you how to bedazzle or rhinestone a shirt. Rhinestones are very popular around india many saris or sarees feature rhinestones in elaborate colors and sizes. Some examples are posted below↘
I decided to try my own hand at rhinestone shirts. It was hard trying to come with a color scheme for the shirt so I just used rainbow colors lol. It was fun designing my own shirt will defiantly try rhinestones on more of my shirts.If you are interested in seeing what my design came out to I linked the video below to watch. If you like don't forget to subscribe, comment, or share if you like :) Also I post on tuesdays and thursdays phew i been keeping up with my schedule.

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