🌟 Easy Diy Aesthetic Bedazzle Rhinestone Shirt 🌟

Hi guys so today is friday a new video day. Today I will be showing you how to bedazzle or rhinestone a shirt. Rhinestones are very popular around india many saris or sarees feature rhinestones in elaborate colors and sizes. Some examples are posted below↘
I decided to try my own hand at rhinestone shirts. It was hard trying to come with a color scheme for the shirt so I just used rainbow colors lol. It was fun designing my own shirt will defiantly try rhinestones on more of my shirts.If you are interested in seeing what my design came out to I linked the video below to watch. If you like don't forget to subscribe, comment, or share if you like :) Also I post on tuesdays and thursdays phew i been keeping up with my schedule.

�� Kracie Poppin Cookin Ramen Kit Diy ��


Hi guys as mention I will upload videos every tuesday and thursday. It took a long time to edit and record this video so I hope you watch, subscribe or share thank you. I was suppose to show a segment of me trying it but i had to go to a funeral so the next videos i will defiantly add the segments.

✨ Candy Package ✨

I've finally received my candy I ordered from ebay so sike.image I can't wait to try it.image

☺Cute Aesthetic 90s Space buns☺

New video sorry for the delay was having music problems but its fixed.I decided to try the 90s space buns I use gwen stefani as reference. New videos every tuesday and fridays👽

♡ Update New Videos Coming!! ♡

Hi sorry guys for the long hiatus I took for my exams. I decided to drop social media for a month to study lol. So here are some snaps of new videos to come soon. They are both eating videos I decided to redirect my channel to a eating channel. I suck at makeup, hair and etc lol. I'm good at diy and eating. My posting days are Tuesdays and Fridays. I also might start posting two videos a day like for example two videos on Tuesday and Thursday.

♡ Where am i? ♡

☆ Wonton Egg Drop Soup (Foodie Review) ☆

Hi guys today on my way to record something I decided to stop by my favorite Chinese restaurant.  I usually ordered egg drop soup but I decided to mix it up and order wonton egg drop soup. The soup taste exactly like egg drop soup but has tiny meat packed similar how ravioli look. Well to roughly put it egg drop soup taste like chicken but in soup form. I usually hate chicken but this tasted good, I'm more of a seafood person. So I give this a 5/5 will try again sometime tomorrow

♡ Secret Magic Double eyelid Tape ♡

Hi guys recently I brought some double eyelid tape because my eyes are almond with a hint of closed lol. I wanted to get big eyes with this because I hate my small eyes. I found a item called secret magic the packaging is cute and its double sided with tape. It comes in 3 sizes standard, small, and large. Each pack comes in a variety of numbers from 21 to 22 in a pack. I brought the orange packet standard.

Here is how the tape look like out of the package. You just pour the white strips and apply to clean ,dry eyelid. In the package it also comes with a eye fork to help you stick your eyelid in.

This item gets a 4 out of 5. The tape stays on your eyelid for a long time but it only last a day. Also if water hit your eyelid it last only for a hour. Its also hard to get your eyelid on the tape you have to keep opening and closing your eye to get it to stick. In the end I got it to work but the only noticeable difference I saw was my eyelid grew a inch bigger lol.