☆ Sponch (Foodie Review) ☆

Hi guys today I passed by the snack area in the store and decided to try sponch. I was going to make a video review about the snack but I ate it before I could. Also I was M.I.A last week because of motion sickness really wish it could go away. Sponch is a mexican snack that features 4 pink and white marshmallows with a strawberry filling in the middle. On top of a shortbread cookie. I never tried it before but it reminds me of some snowball cakes from when I was little. It was marshmallowly and had sprinkles on it. When I devoured the sponch I could taste the marshmallows and cookie instant. As I ate through the cookie I tasted the strawberry filling and it tasted pretty good. The taste was a mixture of marshmallows, strawberries, and cookies. It was a blend that came together that tasted pretty good for me since i'm a first timer. Would I try this again?maybe in the near future probably, If I can get use to the taste lol.

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