☆ Silver Grey Hair Color ☆

Hi guys so this happened!!! I'm still getting used to it. I'm pretty sure my hair cried some tears lol. I look like a final fantasy character with silvery grey hair.

☆ Chinese Fried Doughnut (Foodie Review) ☆

Hi guys today I tried Chinese fried doughnuts. My friend introduced them too me because she said it tasted amazing and I should try it. I was skeptical at first because when I got the doughnuts I saw sugar everywhere on top of it. I hate too much sugar on food it makes me sick in general. After I tried it it tasted like a sugary doughnut. The bread had no flavor but combined with the sugar on top it tasted as if it did. The taste can be similar to flavored loaf breads they sell at  cake aisles in the store.

♡ March 24, 2016 ( Spanish candy) ♡

Today while on my way to the store I stopped by the mexican supermercado(supermarket) in picked up some snacks. Here are some of my favorites the choco roles are everything. It still tastes the same when I was a kid.

☆ Sponch (Foodie Review) ☆

Hi guys today I passed by the snack area in the store and decided to try sponch. I was going to make a video review about the snack but I ate it before I could. Also I was M.I.A last week because of motion sickness really wish it could go away. Sponch is a mexican snack that features 4 pink and white marshmallows with a strawberry filling in the middle. On top of a shortbread cookie. I never tried it before but it reminds me of some snowball cakes from when I was little. It was marshmallowly and had sprinkles on it. When I devoured the sponch I could taste the marshmallows and cookie instant. As I ate through the cookie I tasted the strawberry filling and it tasted pretty good. The taste was a mixture of marshmallows, strawberries, and cookies. It was a blend that came together that tasted pretty good for me since i'm a first timer. Would I try this again?maybe in the near future probably, If I can get use to the taste lol.

♡ Spring Break Week ♡

Hi guys so my spring break started this week and sorry for the m.i.a. I been out of town lately and hanging out with college friends. I also redecorated my purse with tsums and a pastel pink fox tail. I managed to film some new stuff too.

Popteen March 2016 Scans