♡ Dippin Dots ♡

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Hi guys where I live the weather has been hectic one day its hot than cold (similar to katy perry song lol). imageWell, you guessed it today was hot and I brought some dippin dots.imageimage Dippin dots are frozen beads ice cream that comes in numerous flavors. imageI chose birthday cake since my birthday is coming up.imageimage Some of my other friends chose bubblegum. Coincidentally the ice cream tasted just like a birthday cake and it was amazing! I kind of had a hard time eating since I had lipstick on I had to bite on the spoon. When I was done eating I manage to not get my lipstick smudge all around my mouth. I tried dippin dots before and I tasted bubblegum before so I plan on trying all the flavors soon when it's hot.
What is your favorite dippin dots flavor? Tell me in the comments below.


♡ February 23,2016 (Sick Day) ♡

Hi guys basically I have been sick lately ever since last week. The changing weather doesn't help either. One day its hot then rainy which cause for irregular symptoms to emerge in me. I'm almost getting better but still feel sick a little. Well to  put it I have a headache and a cold. I might have a migraine or a headache cant really tell them apart.

♡ Zing Tea Sweetener Review ♡

Hi guys today I received a sample in the mail to try zing tea sweetener. I'm a avid tea drinker except for chai tea eww. So I will give my opinion of them and the taste of the tea sample. Here is there website link below and you can get your free sample too.

The sample packets and here is my mug that have nesquick chocolate milk in it.


Lets pour in the contents of the packet. I only poured in a little I don't really like a lot of sugar it makes me sick.


Time to try the tea yummy. The taste was 3 out of 5.  I only poured in a little and I could taste a huge amount of sugar. You can taste the flavor usually sometime in some sweeteners you can't. The taste was just how regular sugar tasted.

♡ Popteen February 2016 Magazine Scans ♡