♡ Rainy Afternoon Rain Rain Go Away ♡

Hi guys as you can tell from the title today was a rainy day. I usually stay inside when it rain because for one its cold plus rain equals freezing cold lol. I was going to record a video but I remember what happen last time it was too bright so I just cuddled under the sheets. imageOh and I did manage to make a new banner for my blog still adding the finishing touches. Since its a new year I wanted a new banner. Back on topic while laying in bed I saw a movie recommendation on my side bar and as usual my curiosity click it. It was called 5 Centimeters per second by makoto shinkai.image The artwork in the movie is breathtaking especially the landscape. In the movie we follow the main character Takaki in  a 3 part segment movie. imageIn the movie he was  shy and tried to tell his crush he loved her before she commute to a new area and left. He manage to see her but he was too shy to confess but they kissed that's a plus lol. In another segment of the movie a girl liked him but she didn't wanted to confess because it seemed like it was a one side love. Also she saw him longing for his crush in the distance so she didn't want to be heartbroken if he didn't accept her love. That's all I can tell you don't want to spoil the movie and also the creator of the movie made many more movies i'm trying watch all his movies. Since this week is going to be a rainy week if you have any movie recommendations comment them below. I am in need of more movies to watch.

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