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“The tighter you squeeze, the less you have.” Ma-Tsu


Hi guys last year around December I went shopping at bath body work. If you were wondering why their was a christmas tree it was around December lol. I usually don't take pictures of my travels to stores but I tried this year. Do you like it? Well during trying to take pictures of everything I encountered ,some customers in my pictures by accident so I blurred their face. I liked the pumpkin cupcake my friends liked the popular flavor pumpkin spice latte. I usually buy paris amour lotion and body spray but I decided to try something new along with hand sanitizer. What are some of your favorite scents from bath n body works?

I thought this was adorable and brought this for my sister.
Here is what I brought from the store.
This was probably my favorite area to shop at in bath n body works.
The awkward moment when you take a picture and a random person is in it time to blur.


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