♡ How to Ageyo Sal (darker skin) ♡

New Video

Hi guys I posted a new video on how to ageyo sal for darker skin. I used bronzer to highlight my ageyo sal instead of white. imageWhite eyeliner seemed too unnatural and harsh on darker skin.image Bronzer seemed more natural and gave a warm effect.image The bronzer should give your ageyo sal a glow.image  Also after my next video I might change my location the lighting kind of stuck lol.image If this video was helpful to you in anyway don't forget to like, share, and subscribe if you want. xoxo Love you!

♡ After Christmas Gift Ideas and Discount Codes ♡

Tis the season of giving guys I hope I'm not to late but here are some gift giving guides 
picture of Kawaii Tights Lucky Bag: 10 Pairs 1to give on christmas. All items are from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

picture of Osewaya Hair Accessory Fukubukuro 2016 1
Set Details:
  • Approximate value: $35 - $70
  • Contains 10+ hair accessories
  • May include a mixture of hairbands, headbands, scrunchies, barrettes, clips, hair ties, etc.

picture of milklim Coordinate Pack (Light Pink) 1
Set Contents:
  • 1 milklim backpack
  • 1 milklim dress
  • 2 milklim tops

Discount codes

♡ Poshmark BVBUG

♡ Feature points S5DSDZ


♡ Beanie hairstyles ♡

Hi guys since the weather is chilly and flyaways are a no go. When you think of beanies you visualize boring hairstyles,well there are some cute hairstyles to wear while wearing a beanie. Here are some beanie hairstyles to wear for winter that are casual and cute. If you have any video ideas I would love to know  in the comment section because I running out of ideas. Also thank you for the many views on my last video I love you guys sooo much bigger than my heart (okay that was cheesy but still I love you. Don't forget to subscribe, share and watch and again thank you for the views.

Bubble Pigtails Hairstyle

  Side braid Hairstyle  

 Braided Twintails Hairstyle