♥ Thrifting Haul Part 1 ♥

hi recently I decided to go thrift shopping so basically you go to a thrift store in shop lol. I tried it for the first time thanks to imjennim thrifting videos. It was kind of hard to find my size though. Petite size hardly exist so I went to the kids section to find things. I spent a total of 2 hours searching + filming on the way. I manage to pick up 3 items that fitted my dreamy pastel palette color scheme. I thought my total was $20.00 but the cashier said their was a sale so I basically paid $8.00 for all 3 clothes.(wow what kind of magic sorcery is this lol) Also if you left comment in the section I will try my hardest to reply schoolwork takes up all my time. I have to schedule all my post beforehand to make sure I have a blogpost to post for the week.  Can you guess what clothes I pick up below their is a picture pixelated guess the color and clothes in the comment section.

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