♥ Museum Walk Part 1 ♥

Hi guys last weekend I stopped by a museum as usual. Everytime I go to the museum there is always new art brought in. Last time the african section was closed this time it was open I was lucky lol. The picture below is a picture from the african section which shows their weapons they used to hunt, enemy, and etc.
A statue i thought was cool looking.
African Pottery section
 This was in the italian or european section i forgot. It features elaborate porcelain teapots 
and paintings of mary and jesus.
 lol I was still in the porcelain area.
 Porcelain area again just too pretty lol
 Native american section the glowing thing was scary I thought it might blow up but a I figure its
made like that I think?
 The last head was scary looks like a serpent that explains why I took a picture from far away lol
The whole native american section was scary and had a weird noise coming from it like a chainsaw noise. I thought someone was getting killed lol. I guess it was night of the living museum from the movie you get it no? lol
 Random porcelain heads strike again
Last but not least the east asian india section.
These statues are so unique and cool looking,
The elephant god ganesha, the monkey king ham, and shiva are my favorites.
Its weird how they have their goddesses statues well endowed but 
they still pretty statues either way.

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