♥ Fall Hairstyles ♥

Hi guys recently I have been practicing hairstyles for fall since its starting to be windy more. I also been drinking starbucks for the past days because of the bipolar weather here. It has been raining, hot, and then cold at the same time. In the end I became sick so everything i had planed this week flew out the window lol. I was bored in bed all day so i took pictures of hairstyles i practiced. 
The first hairstyle is the half bun and half down hairstyle the part would have been better but i was blowing my nose at the time to part the other side and i forgot lol. Now i see that i should of parted it well since i read this hairstyle can cause baldness at the top i might not do this hairstyle.

Heart Braid hairstyle was very easy you just make two ponytails and split the ponytail into two parts. Then braid and tie back hair with bobby pin.
The boho tieback hairstyle is you get two strands from both side of your head left and right. Tie the strands back pin it and apply a bow.

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