♥️ DIY Bow Cutout Top ♥️

Hi guys have you ever wondered how to make those cut heart cutout crop tops? Well I found a easy and inexpensive way to make them in less than 5 minutes. The fastest way is to just get a heart hole puncher in the size big you can find them at wal mart or Micheals. Viola then you done. The other way is you can use a stencil in cutout the heart in the shirt. So today I will be showing you the other way.

First gather all the supplies you would need.
Use a blank piece of paper in cutout a heart. I made two stencils just to be sure and picked the one I liked best.

You should now have two stencils. Find a random shirt you don't want or need. Fold the shirt in half and place the heart stencil in the middle. Then pin a pin in the middle of the heart stencil to keep it in place.

3.Cut around the stencil until completely cut sometimes you might have to keep the stencil in place but nevertheless.

4.Viola now you are done you can add lace in the back of the shirt to have it really stand out.

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