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这里有一些化妆产品我用每日到超薄面face。Wハート   けぃ

Hi guys today I will be talking about contour products I use on my face in pictures lol.ラブラブ In videos i' usually too lazy to bother to contour since I been a tomboy all my life.がっかり Well I usually use MAC contour powder or eyeshadow in matte blunt.wハート☆ I had to ask the sales lady to help me since I really don't know my skin color I do know its medium dark and light.すげ~ I use this on the sides of my face, underneath chin, hollow of cheeks, and sides of nose for a nose bridge.怒
Next I use La girl pro conceal in beautiful bronze when I am in a hurry like for school.おぉ! I guessed my skin color and I think I got the right color lol.お風呂 I use this the same way I use the mac contour powder.マルキラ☆

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