♡ Get Ready With Me Fall Edition ♡

September Favorites App

Hi guys since September is almost gone I decided there should be a favorite app post so I present to you some of my favorite apps this month.アイスクリーム There is only two apps that I frequently used this month ( gasp not surprising).wハート☆The apps are


This app is for people who have a hard time sleeping or just night owls like me lol.wハート☆ I usually fall asleep instant to the bgm music rain.薔薇むらさき For some reason the sound of rain, thunderstorms, and etc make me fall asleep.ラブラブ You can choose any music on the app or you can merge songs together for a serene feel. I recommend this app for trouble sleepers and night owls sometimes you need some sleep even if you love the night.


Poshmark in four words are shop till you drop. I use this app to buy clothes or trade my items with others.image Its a easy selling platform, usually shipping is very fast you will receive your item 2-3 days flat! I recommend this site for avid shoppers.

You earn $5 when you sign up with my code BVBUG
kisses from lily xoxo

♡ September Outfit Journals ♡

Hi guys I did a September outfit journal vlog I decided to do something new. I manage to take pictures until my camera died my camera roll has a lot of pictures saved. I stayed at Detroit for 1 day and manage to go exploring other areas.

キラキラ Outfit キラキラ
Top- Forever21
Skirt- Forever21

キラキラ Outfit キラキラ
Jeggings Forever21
Jacket Forever21

Pretty water so magical and serene.
The casino had pretty lights I couldn't go inside I was too young uh predictable. I think it was located in downtown Detroit greektown.

♥ Haul 新买的衣服 ♥


我带了一些今天新买的衣服。它们都是非常可爱和舒适的. キラキラ






Hi guys here is a outfit update for you.ラブラブ  I recently brought these items a month ago from dollskill and happymonday. きらきらI like to pair them both with frilly socks to give a girly retro look. キラキラ I kind of like them but their not really my style so I'm thinking about selling them or something.ぶーIf you well endowed the top might not fit you mines were in a xs. マルキラ☆キラキラ☆