Healthy Exercises 对 健 康 有 益 的


对 健 康 有 益 的  

Well here are some links to quick exercises that you can do and will have effect (they’re all around 5 minutes each):tokki暑い
ハート>Pop Pilates:
ハート>Booty :

It will be hard at first, but trust me, you will feel so proud once you are able to complete all of these videos^^ Remember to these regularly.りぼん

And in regards to eating more healthy, I can tell you to eat fruits and vegetables but I’m pretty sure you already know that from the previous questions I answered, so I would recommend eating low fat food.天使の羽(右) When I’m trying to watch my weight, I would eat from the brand Weight Watchers.天使の羽(右) They have frozen meals where you can heat up (e.g. lasagna, tuna bake, cottage pie, etc.) & they don’t taste that bad. Just a little pricey I guess.天使の羽(右)
But if you’re looking for motivation to eat healthy then, just stuff your fridge with fruit and nothing else. That way, if you’re hungry you will have no choice but to eat what you have.ribon

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