♡ Gradient Lips Tutorial ♡

♡ Mickey Mouse Braided Ears ♡ 米奇老鼠编织发型


今天,我将向您展示Mickey Mouse发型キラキラ




You will need 4 bobby pins, hairspray, brush, comb, and hair decoration.wハート☆

1.Split hair in 2 ponytailsあっっ

2. split each ponytail into 3 parts and braid きらきら

3. Braid then wrap braid around to form a circle, pin in the middle of the circle.きらきら

4. repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other ponytailきらきら

5.Then add Hair accessories宝石紫

6. Finish!ドキドキ

Calipico Juice Review

Calpico キラキラ








Hi guys today I came across in the store a juice called calpico. 目I heard many great reviews about the juice online.ラブラブ I also noticed on tumblr this mostly seen in aesthetic tags.まるちゃん風 So there are variety of flavors of this juice.姫りぼん I picked up strawberry because strawberry is always the right choice. キラキラ

The flavor was like a strawberry milkshake and tasted like real strawberries not the artificial kind. キラキラAfter one gulp I became addicted to it then I notice I drunk all of it that fast.lolひよざえもん がーん

The texture is a watery texture. It's similar to water but its not water. イチゴ薔薇

I really don't have any bad opinions about the juice it was good to me.キラキラ The only thing I notice is after 3 days of leaving it out when you open it it gets spoiled.ちゅ

♥ Diy Devil horns ♥

♡ Diy Lemonade Popsicles ♡

July Favorite Hair Products 2015


七月“收藏夹” ねこ


我的一些收藏 tressemme, Aussie和organix。涙


这里有一些好的和坏的意见每个产品。 我使用这些产品每天都上。姫りぼん



Wハート Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Wハート

Aussie 3 minute miracle smooth keeps ends and flyaways at bay all day.天使の羽(右) I use this when its windy outside because my hair usually end up with one strand sticking up.ううっ・・・ I would use sometimes daily but at the minimal hardly ever. 音譜The aroma of it is very pleasant and subtle.じゅる・・

Wハート Organix Coconut Milk Wハート

Organix Coconut milk conditioner I usually use it as a daily moisturizer for my hair.あせる It has a very nice smell to it it feels like i'm in the clouds.べえ Its a very medium thick  light moisturizer that smell like coconuts.じゅる・・

 Wハート Tresemme Heat Protectant Wハート

Tresemme I use this everytime I want to apply heat to my hair its a angel sent from heaven.なく It smells good plus keep my hair safe from damaging flat irons. 猫村2