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Strawberry Milkshake Nails

Hi guys this is basically a rant post but I recently painted my nails in the color princess pink by Essie.
I also received some decoden pieces from a supplier on etsy hint the lollipop pieces and the strawberry pieces.花 Also I am doing a photoshoot for a post I'm going to do on my blog soon so yeah.らびちゃん!?

heat+kira* Essie nail polish heat+kira*  heat+kira* Princess Pink heat+kira*

Popteen Magazine Scan 08/2015


♡ Diy Pastel Hair ♡

Hello Panda Cookie review


Hi guys recently I tried hello panda snacks it tasted really good.ラムちゃん It comes in many different flavors strawberry is my favorite.音譜 The package is really eyecatching it jumps at you especially the panda.heat+kira* It comes with many pieces of candy in the package too.きらきら3strawberry*


This is how the inside look it has a creamy feeling.heat+kira*

Here are the many different flavors.strawberry*