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Hi I think I might make this a thing idk?うさぎ Here I will show you some of my adventures for the week.キラリライン I went to the concert hall to watch my favorite band perform and later went out to mizu restaurant.びつくり byaimo I added pictures below enjoy!キラリライン The concert was so long I fell asleep through some parts until my neighbor woke me with her screaming thanks lol.猫しろ There was a long line too but I made it on time.はーと
Then I went to mizu restaurant next because I had to refill on my energy.usa I never been to this restaurant I really don't know why.↑ I randomly brought some food off the menu because I wanted to try something new. ↑I forgot the name of the food I ordered but all I know was wasabi is gross never again.なく

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  1. I am jealous. I want to dine out so bad. Haven't been feeling well so I want my food to be cooked for me lol

    Great post. :D


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