OOTD Bonnechance Dress


キラキラheat+kira* Outfit heat+kira*キラキラ

はーとDress- Bonnechance dress
はーとHat- Diy
はーとBag- Wet seal
はーとGloves- Vintage shop

キラキラYummy healthy vegan foodぷぷビックリマーク

Pastel Alien Baby New Store Opening

Hi guys just yesterday I opened my store Pastel Alien Baby here are some of the items i'm selling. イチゴThe price range is from $0.99-$9.99 plan to save up for new york even though I have a job.キラキラ I make items similar to these items but cheaper.↑ If you are interested in buying make sure your email address work someone ordered from me and I couldn't get in touch with her.うさぎ If you ordered my sunflower skirt from storenvy please email me or message me on this page.犬 I try to ship your items out in 3-5 days.かお Hope these cute items find a cutie to take them home.ハート My store link is http://pastelalienbaby.storenvy.com/  iキラキラきらきら3


Daily Rambles 1


Hi I think I might make this a thing idk?うさぎ Here I will show you some of my adventures for the week.キラリライン I went to the concert hall to watch my favorite band perform and later went out to mizu restaurant.びつくり byaimo I added pictures below enjoy!キラリライン The concert was so long I fell asleep through some parts until my neighbor woke me with her screaming thanks lol.猫しろ There was a long line too but I made it on time.はーと
Then I went to mizu restaurant next because I had to refill on my energy.usa I never been to this restaurant I really don't know why.↑ I randomly brought some food off the menu because I wanted to try something new. ↑I forgot the name of the food I ordered but all I know was wasabi is gross never again.なく