Korean/Asian Sheet Facial Masks



It’s become a routine. Every Sunday night, I relax with a facial mask. I don’t get much sleep over the weekends, so a mask is the perfect way to unwind and give my skin some extra TLC.

(1) Vitamin C mask ($2.99) which should help brighten my tired/dull skin.

(2) Masks by Leaders Clinic (about $5 each) are a favorite because these masks are super thick and adhere to the skin SO~ well. Notice (below) how the mask is like a second skin on my face? Amazing! It almost seems like the sheet has tiny quilted pillows that holds the product and sticks to your skin! I tried the collagen mask, but they make masks to address different skin care needs too.


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  1. I love face masks so much. I use them atleast 3 times a week. I wish I could find one that has a cherry blossom scent, which probably dont exist......hmmm maybe it does. lol. Nice Post.


    1. yeah i pretty sure it does exist somewhere lol probably japan. I use them like once a week and i like using pinkyparadise face masks they sell.


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