High Calorie Vs Healthy Alternatives Food

Hi guys today's post is food with higher calorie that you can replace with lower calorie.  
First up is frozen yogurt vs ice cream.
Frozen yogurt vs Ice Cream
Frozen yogurt has 214kcal while ice cream has 267 kcal. Frozen yogurt has less calories than ice cream.

Ramen vs noodles
Ramen noodles has 190 Kcal and noodles has 150kcal. Noodles has less calories than ramen noodles by 40 calories. Also ramen noodles have too much sodium in it.

Bran vs granola 
Bran has 80kcal and granola has 200kcal.
Bran has less calories than granola.
Hope these alternatives help if you plan on losing weight for the summer.


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