April Food Faves

Hi guys today I will show you some of my favorite food to eat in April its like a tradition.
Shrimp Noodles This taste so delicious and savory in my mouth. It contains noodles, shrimp I love and the green stuff I almost forgot its name but I think it's called asparagus. It's very healthy and yummy at the same time.
Casserole Soup I loved this dish it was creamy and had all kinds of meat and veggies.
 Dango It tasted okay and I kind of liked it.
 Egg drop soup this soup is part of my soul it tastes so good to me. I regularly eat this sometimes like once a month. Too much of a good thing starts to taste bland. I'm like the only one who like this in my family everyone else in my family thinks it disgusting except my mom. The flavor is it kind of have a chicken flavor to it and comes with some crackers with it. The texture is like watery and thick.

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