Popteen Clothes Dupe 3

Here is another popteen dupe enjoy.
This shirt is very similar and you can find it here  http://www.amazon.com/

This shirt could be distant cousins lol it's strikingly similar you can find it here https://www.etsy.com/people/onefortynine

The lips purse looks similar and the cat purse is quite different but still similar,  
imageCat purse link here http://dotoly.storenvy.com/


Popteen Clothes Dupe 2

Hi guys I am back with another popteen dupe.
This necklace is very similar to the necklace she is wearing. You can find this necklace at http://dotoly.storenvy.com/

This maxi skirt is similar but sadly it's a maxi skirt instead of a skirt. You can find this item at

These pikachu ears are similar to hers and you can find them at

This shirt is so similar it could be the real skirt but in a different color lol you can find it at http://www.cicihot.com/