Casual Afternoon



Hi guys today's post isn't really a post it's just a update. Lately I have been studying and doing tons of assignments to get ready for my exams. So if I didn't reply to your comment on here just know I saw it and thanks for commenting lovely. Ta da off to more studying.

 Lol one direction 

Bon Appetit


Hi guys today I made me some homemade noodles called shin ramen black. It tasted so good and spicy. I usually eat authentic noodles from asian stores not ramen noodles from wal mart(I forgot the noodles name). Their noodles seem to have alot of sodium in them I'm glad I never tried it might get a heart attack lol. 

Blooming Park

Hi guys today I decided to just go to the park because ever since winter I had a cold lol. I have a hot and cold temperature with winter. I mainly love fall because it just in between not to cold and not to hot. The flowers were so beautiful and lately weather here has been crazy one day it's raining the next it's sunny. That's a reason I haven't been taking pictures but I think the weather should say hot for this month I hope so. 


Fave Lipstick 2015


Hi guys I decided to post about my favorite red lips for pin up makeup. Deadly dames always have the fierce red lipstick on hand at all times.
(1) milani red hot lipstick I own this lipstick and the color is very shiny but a very bright first truck red. This color sometimes stain teeth so make sure you have a napkin close by.
(2) Too faced melted I never tried this before but I heard good reviews about it and its easy to applyIt has a soft applicator tip to squirt out only a few of the lipstick.
(3) benefit dark red lipstick is very good too plan on trying it if I can find it online.