Popteen Clothes Dupes 1

Hi guys I decided to do a new post to switch things up. It's where to purchase popteen similars,exacts,and duplicates of items shown in popteen if you live in America. Shipping can cost alot from japan to America but lucky there are some items in America that look similar.
This skirt looks similar to the picture above but all the glow and blur effect make it hard to see. The only difference is this skirt is more darker than the above skirt so try to find this skirt in the colors coral or peach. I found this skirt on modern pin up website and here the link http://www.modernpinup.com/
This shirt is totally similar to the one in the picture but sadly I couldn't find it in the same color with long sleeves. I found this top from etsy on rebelcloset hereis the link https://www.etsy.com/shop/RebelCloset
This skirt is exactly like the picture I found this skirt from a website called Ark clothing here is the link http://www.ark.co.uk/
 These earrings are similar but I think her earrings are cherry heart shaped and not circular. I found these earrings on etsy from lovebijouterie https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lovebijouterie?ref=search_shop_redirect

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