Bornprettystore Sponsored Review #1 Bunny Earrings

Hi guys today review is on a store called bornprettystore. The picture below is a picture of their website it's very organized and easy to find what you want. The item I received was bunny earrings they were so cute to me. My overall rate for this item is 9/10. Here is the link of the
These earrings are perfect for the daily girly girl.
It adds cuteness to any outfit
Stud light appearance 
Great seller communication
Ships fast

The color starts to fade after 2 months
Shipping time frame is 2-3 weeks but its worth it.

The bunny ears was very small but not that small. The color of the earrings were a vibrant hot pink. The earrings came with backs to so they wouldn't fall out your ear.

These earrings are smaller than a penny.

My item came with a cute card by bornprettystore where you can send pictures of your item to showcase on instagram


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