9 tips For a slimmer figure for spring

1. Eat vegetables. 
Vegetables have many benefits from helping your hair to a healthy immune system. Eating a veggie a day keeps the doctor away.

2. Replace certain high calorie foods with alternatives. 
If you can't get rid of the high calories food then find a similar item but with less calories. 

3.Get rid of the junk food 
If you want to get slimmer faster exile junk food. The cheapest food do the worst damage to your body in the long run.

4. Avoid sugary drinks. 
Some surgary drinks have acid that can deteriorate your teeth and can stain it. Also some can cause acne.

5.Eat more often but eat smaller portions. 
I do this daily I usually eat out a bowl when I eat dinner lol weird right nope. It's actually beneficial because with a bowl you can put fewer food in depending on your bowl. Unlike a plate where there's not stopping point lol. I usually eat a portion thinking with my stomache instead of my eyes.
6.Try not to eat out or eat foods that don't have a label. 
Cough McDonalds lol I usually don't eat out I don't really like fast food i am a seafood lover.

7. Exercise
Even if it kills you do it just kidding exercising can be fun I like dancing to my favorite kpop songs and sometimes I do squats but that usually kills my leg.
8.Watch your carbs. 
Totally totes but I usually don't watch mine my stomach usually tells me. For example when I ate too many cookies and got a stomachache on christmas thanks stomach.

9.Use apps that make it that much more fun. 
There's ton of apps for dieting, staying on top of your weight, and eating healthy. 

Bowties and Things

Hi everyone I recently brought bowties and ties a couple of months ago so I am showing them off lol. Also I created a polyvore of outfits below that are very ulzzang retro inspired for ulzzang enjoy