Tricks at night for amazing hair in the morning

Hi today's post basically came from seventeen magazine but I decided to help people who have dull hair at night.image This article I saw in seventeen magazine can help people who want glamorous hair in the morning because having glamorous hair is hard sigh.

imageThe Goal: Add life to flat, dry hair.
How to do it: "The easiest way to make their hair look pretty the next day is to put it in a ponytail and wrap it into a twist," says Licari.image Then, wrap the hair as close to the top of the head as possible. In the morning, when you remove the hair elastic, you'll have a nice wave and lots of lift. For even wavier hair, do this a few times into mini buns all over your head. Brush out the ringlets with your fingers in the morning.
However, if you wake up with a huge crease in your hair from the hair tie, it's way too tight. Use a softer wrap or one less loop, suggests Licari, to avoid any unsightly bends that require extra time to get out. Fix any indentations with hair spray or a spritz of water.image
In the morning, set the look with some dry shampoo (which will also add volume), and you're good to go.
imageThe Goal: Create perfect waves using wet hair.
How to do it: If you prefer to shower at night, use that wet hair to your advantage. But first things first: Once you step out of the shower, how are you drying?デコメ of cute emoticons If you're using the same towel as your body, you could be doing some serious damage to your hair. デコメ of emoticons (^ ◇ ^) ┛ look pastel rabbitNot only can rough towels cause breakage, but towels are full of something your hair does not want — static electricity.
Instead, dry your hair with a T-shirt. デコメ of emoticons (^ ◇ ^) ┛ look pastel rabbitAfter you've removed most of the moisture from your hair, then you can start prepping for your beauty sleep.デコメ of emoticons (^ ◇ ^) ┛ look pastel rabbit
To start, "think of your head as a big roller," says Licari, and use that to your advantage. If you have curly hair, wrap it all around your head and use large clips to keep it in place.image In the morning you'll wake up with straighter locks, no heat required.
If you want to add a wave to straight hair, nothing will add texture better than a braid (or a few braids). Deco-mail pictograms of rabbitSet hair in a lose plait and wrap it around your head as much as you can. Deco-mail pictograms of rabbitTo prevent even more frizz, you can also wrap your head in a silk headwrap and gently dry when you wake up. imageIn the morning, remove your braid and comb through your hair with you fingers. Set with your favorite hairspray.

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