Top Lip Tint For Gradient Lips

Hi everyone today's post is about lip tint you guess it. I know the hardship of finding the right lip tint from banal lip tint that just suck to glamorous lip tint that is not fade resistance aigoo. So I have gathered a list of some lip tint that can fit each of your lips needs.
The first lip tint I used 5 months ago was tony moly lip balm in grape. The lip balm is solid so easy applying. The color is easy to apply its just like a lip balm and the color shows up after 2 applications of it. It's also moisturizing on the lips and not drying. The con of the product is the bottle is really small I thought it would be bigger.
The second lip tint is tony moly I have never used this product  before but I heard from the wind that it is very good.( I mean I heard it from the grapevine how do wind even make sense lol). The tony moly lip tint texture is watery but the color is very vibrant. That's all I know about this product will be getting it in the future.
The last product is one of my favorites its Lioele pop pinky lip tint. I ordered mine from pretty n cute online webstore. This lip tint can be used as a blush and lip tint which is awesome. The color is very vivid you will noticed after two applications of this. The texture is very watery so beware. I love to use this on my lips I just had a funeral for it last month lol. So I had to buy another one which is okay.

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