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1. What winter holiday do you celebrate? I celebrate Christmas and New years.

2. What is the Winter Weather like where you live? Its weird its a mixture of cold one day, hot another, and really cold later.

3. What is your favorite holiday drink? Hot coffee, tea, and etc.

4. What is your favorite holiday food? Dressing and Green Bean Casserole

5. What is your favorite thing to wear in the winter? Scarves and beanies

6. What are you most excited for this winter? Ice skating, holiday movies, and freezing my butt off (sarcasm)

7. When do you put up your holiday decorations? Soon as Thanksgiving end.

8. What is at the top of your wishlist? Dress from Bonne Chance Colletions too cute.

9. What are your top 5 beauty essentials for winter? Lip balm, chapstick, bronzer I still want to glow in the fall, lip balm, chapstick lol I hate chappy lips ew.

10. What is your favorite Winter holiday tradition? The first male of the house has to come through the door after new years for good luck and too stay up past my bedtime to count happy new years since my birthday is after!!


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