Favorite K dramas for Winter 2014

Hi everyone today's post is about my favorite k dramas to watch during the winter. So currently this winter I have been watching k dramas since the winter started. So here are some of my faves.

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Mary Stayed Out All Night

A story about a girl who has too spend 100 days in the married life with a rich guy and a poor guy. This drama is very funny since the girl is kind of a airhead. Both of the guys are cute which is a plus.

Cunning Single Lady

A funny drama about two people who use to be a couple until one got fed up of  living the poor life and forgotten hopes. Years later she finds out her husband is rich and tries to win him back again. This drama made me laugh all day and it is one of my favorite dramas.

Me Too, Flower

A cop ends up falling for a guy disguise as a poor dude. In reality he is actually a rich guy but hates showing off his wealth. This drama is a romantic comedy.

Pretty Man

A drama about a guy who has to go on dates with different girls to unlock his mother dying wish. She left a key  or code for him and only one girls knows. Each girl he go on a date with give hints and clues to help him with the key. This drama is very funny! It's kind of weird how the main girl lead looks younger than the guy. That's the only awkward thing about it lol.

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