Autumn Ulzzang Skincare Routine

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Today's post is about Autumn Skincare since the air is getting chilly. We must remember to keep our skin moisturize and hydrated. So I decided to pick my favorite products for autumn. Lets begin!
My first item is Mary Kay gentle cleansing I use this item  to get rid of any dead skin on my face. I first leave it on for 15 minutes massaging into my face. Then after rinse off with warm water.
Next I apply Neutrogena acne cleanser to my face even though I don't have any acne. I leave it on for 5 minutes while massaging my face. After I rinse off with warm water again.
Third I apply avon moisturizing Creme because use too many products on my face really makes my skin feel like a peeled orange. So I apply moisturizing Creme to keep my face smooth and hydrated. After using all these products and the day has ended I like to use mybeautydiary face mask in strawberry yogurt to pamper my face. Since all the harsh chilly air can really effect your face. I usually leave it on for a 1 hour then take off the face mask. The effects the face mask leave on my face is smoother,healthier skin. Also their is some skin whitener in product I just found out like a few months ago so I really didn't know. It helps get rid of dark spots on the face. So I hope this autumn skin care routine worked for you and happy autumn lol.

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