My Favorite Game Apps & Diy Tfios Logo Notebook/Ma Jeu favori apps

I'd recently purchased some new items online.     
I feel as if I have accomplish something!imagelol
I have also made a new youtube video I am on a roll.image 
My favorite anime is Shugo Chara.imageimage   
Okay enough rambling let's get started.image   

Youtube Video


imageLine Ninjaimage

Its a fast paced game where you have a team of 5 ninjas who destroy evil.
Each ninja has there own special ability. I always get to the tank but after it I always get squish by a rock lol.


imageZombiegal Kawaiiimage

Its basically a game where you have to destroy zombies while still being cute.
Some of the zombies don't look like zombies so it gets really tricky.
Some zombies also look strange like that zombie that run real fast, looked like it was off attack of titan lol.
In all this is a fun game and I just love the first mission theme song.


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