Cute Finds for Back to School

School is starting back up again (or it's already started for you) and I'm here to share a few cute finds I think would nice to have for school c:~ Please enjoy!!~


Agendas are good ways to stay organized and stay cute at the same time.
Stay updated all week.
My Melody Teen Women Peach Perfume Cherry 6.5ml / 0.22oz. Sanrio 

Perfume is needed when jogging in p.e and you become sweaty. Stay smelling good and fresh all day. 
 Hello Kitty Head-Shape Electronic Calculator Retro Red Sanrio 1 pc

Good for math classes ,well basic math classes. 
My Melody Tight Bento Box
 Sanrio Bonbon Ribbon Tight Bento BoxSanrio Bonbon Ribbon Tight Bento Box
My Melody Tight Bento Box
Bento Boxes
Good for carrying your own lunch.
School lunches can be atrocious sometimes.

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