Random Vlog #1


Here are pictures of stills of my new video.



Changes Coming/New style

Hello everyone good morning. As you can read from the title changes are soon to come.image
The first change to come is starting with my style which I'm keeping hush hush.(╬☉д⊙)
The next change is my youtube video which I would try to make look more professional and more updated.(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ My last change is changing my hair color to a more milkytea brown color.image The last change has already went into effect since my hair is now a very light brown color. All I can say about my new style it's a very retro girly inspired mix with japanese fashion style.(^(エ)^)


In the end expect more videos from me all dolled up, ootds, makeup, and more tutorials on my youtube channel.image
  1. Thank CHU♪(‘ε゚人)*.+゜

My Favorite Guru Youtubers

Hi today I am discussing my favorite Youtube gurus. Lets begin!
2. vivian vo farmer
3.Kim dao
5.floral princess

Vivian vo farmer



July Favorites 私のお気に入り&Youtube Video


New Youtube Video


Today I will be showing off some of my favorite gets in july.
Too Faced Lipstick  Pink Chocolate
Dark pink lipstick is the bomb to me.


Ariana Grande Style
Her style is simple,girly, mature,and affordable. Something that I admire and think is really
cute since you can't say a kid forever. She is my style inspiration.


Gyaru Hair Colors

 At the moment I am currently dying my hair caramel and light chocolate so thats
why I haven't post a post lately.
I wanted a new change to my hair since I plan on reinventing
my youtube channel girly and cute.
So thats why I decided to be more girly in cute and I plan on changing my style too.
Lol I am finally doing my new years resolution.
Also on my youtube videos I would probably not talk on them for one 
my voice sounds weird to me.
I'm going to be a mime.

These are the hair colors I plan on dying my hair and I am not gyaru.
I just take inspiration from their hair and outfits because I think its girly and mix it with my style.
My hair is basically going to look like the girl on the right.

So thats it these are my three favorite things for july I should of wrote my three favorite
things for forever. I hope you liked and enjoyed the post. Also someone asked me did I watch anime I do watch anime rarely I'm not really a big fan of anime sadly.
I only watch it when I'm bored but my favorites are usually Code Geass and Cardcaptor Sakura. Thats where some of my youtube video songs come from.