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hi everyone
Today is a brand new day.
Which means a brand new post so I decided to showcase my summer makeup review and a couple of freebies I got from I didn't post last week because I went out of town to Atlanta. Which I plan on doing a vlog on soon.  Okey dokey let's get started.

First thing first I made a new youtube video. I been doing videos every friday for now yay.
I hope you check it out and if you like please subscribe.

Next I found this cool website called . Its basically a site where you can get free stuff from makeup to more. All you have to do is follow the links and put in some information on where to ship the item to. After that tadaa you are done and your item will arrive in 4-6 weeks.
Here is a item I received from the site.
The item I've received was a Pantene repair and protect conditioner and shampoo. The aroma of the shampoo and conditioner was so lovely.
I have received more items from the site but I was to lazy to take pictures of them. If you want free hair, makeup and etc at no cost then check out . Its just one
Last but not least I have made a instagramI decided to make one since teen vogue has a instalist that I like. My instagram is basically going to showcase my likes, life, ootds, and travels.
Also my instagram is hardly going to showcase ulzzang and things because basically I'm growing up and things change. Sometimes I will be mostly on instagram I will still be on this blog but not alot.
 If you have a instagram please comment below and I follow back.
I hope you enjoyed this post and please stay tune for more blog posts and youtube videos coming your way.

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