My Top 6 Kawaii Phone Apps

     Beauty Plus
My favorite app of all time and many gyaru models use this app. It fixes imperfections,
blemishes, and lighting skin.

 Line Pong Pong Pong
I like this app because its like taking care of your own baby.
Instead of taking care of a baby you are taking care of a cat.
You basically can play games to win coins which can help your cat.

Shibuya 109
A app where you can see coordinates from shop staff in Shibuya 109.

A editing app for pictures with cute effects.
Make your pictures more interesting and less boring.

A cute editing app where you can decorate photos with stamps
and effects.

(Xiamen Meitu)
This app edit pictures with many cute effects and nice features.

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  1. Have you heard of photowonder and the red meitu photo editing apps? they are really good:D
    I^ve never heard of Shibuya 109, but I downloaded it right now~~

  2. Thank you for the app ideas, very helpful!! <3


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